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So soothing!

Beutiful. That is my take. And the Bread makes me hungry.

now I'm hungry too....

Looks cool!


I loved this game! It was very short, sweet, and made me realize that it is important to just relax and appreciate life.

thanks for the review!!

Un Momento may be short by design, but it's a great way to just sit and relax with a game. No goals, no pressure, just laid back fun. The art style works pretty well with it overall, and the choice of music is great for the theme.

Good job on this, dev.

thanks so much!

Looks cool!


if u don't mind I wants to make a gameplay in it and upload it on YouTube!

please do!

yes I will!

okay... thats precious 4 minutes of my life to invest with

everyone should invest it too

PS: thumbnail looks like FF scenery 

wow, that's a really lovely comment.  Thanks so much.

Very well produced and nice short number.


thanks! I appreciate it

Pretty, fun, and relaxing!

cheers mate